ul. Trakt św. Wojciecha 346
Gdansk 80-001
tel. kom +48 609 543 081
tel/fax +48 58 3090870

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Accommodation in Villa Alicja - Contact

Trakt św Wojciecha 346,
80-001 Gdańsk

e-mail: villaalicja@wp.pl

tel./fax +48 58 309 08 70,
tel. kom +48 609 543 081

A superb location within the close vicinity of the centre will make it easy for you to visit Gdańsk, a city with more than 1000 years of history. Gdańsk boasts of many historical buildings and a beautiful Old Town. It is a city of "freedom and solidarity". We are also within easy reach of modern galleries, shopping malls as well as cultural and entertainment centres.

Public transport is in operation on a 24/7 basis. A bus station and local train service are within close walking distance.

We are located:

  • 200 metres away from a bus station
  • 800 metres away from the local train service station
  • 4 km away from the Old Town
  • 5 km away from the Main Railway Station and the PKS bus station
  • 18 km away from Lech Wałesa Airport.

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